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Tribal Hunter is action platformer with an open world. You play as a village guardian who can shift it's body shape, allowing it to grow huge and devour enemies. As you grow, you can use this 'growth' as energy to fire projectiles at enemies!

The goal of the game is to power up your abilities in order to fight powerful enemies and bosses around the world, saving your tribe members and growing your village.

We hope you enjoy our demo, and choose to support our project! We have patreon page, please check it if you are interested! :D


Thank you so much for playing!


Tribal Hunter Demo Release Public Updated 6-19-19.zip 183 MB
Windows 7 Tribal Hunter Demo.zip 183 MB


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I bet this game would have a small, but good fandom if it gets enough attention.

Anyone have an estimate when this game will be released? Or know when it will be released?

Most likely next year or end of the year but that my guess.  but we never know unless you are in there discord server.


Actually I've been paying close attention to the game's progression without having to ever be on their discord server the game apparently is planned on being released someday next month

Will the full version be available for free on this page?


most likely not, however they might update the demo public maybe but we need wait and see


Is the game in beta or is it in demo I think it's in beta because it not done

It is in beta. The dev has more recent builds on his patreon.